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When you contact Pride Machinery you are tapping into 20+ years of expertise in the metalworking machinery sector.  We offer high-end precision CNC machining equipment which is vital to your manufacturing production line. We understand the complexity of metalworking machinery and we are able to clearly explain the functionality of the machines we sell to simplify the buying process for you. All our machinery is thoroughly tested and looked over to ensure that it is in good condition.  The machinery is then prepared to be shipped and added to your plant floor, so you do not lose another minute of production time.

We are continually adding to our inventory of precision high-end CNC machinery to keep up with the demand in the marketplace. We buy machinery from factories and fabricators that are slimming down their processes or moving into different means of production.  We offer our valued machinery customers the highest market value for quality CNC metalworking equipment.

Pride Machinery is an industry leader in North America, Canada & Mexico.  Over the span of 20+ years we have cultivated long term relationships with our customers and key industry contacts to ensure that your machine is shipped timely, efficiently and cost effectively. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service through attentive responses and expert knowledge in not only machining, but also in securing a reliable shipping service to ensure your machinery arrives timely and without incident to your company.

Contact our machinery specialists today, whether you are looking at buying or selling a single quality metalworking machine or liquidating CNC metalworking equipment from an entire manufacturing plant.

We are proud and active members of the renowned used machinery trade association, Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA). As such we conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner in accordance with the MDNA’s code of ethics.

We look forward to you joining our Valued Customer Network.

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